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December 16, 2018


President’s Annual Report 2005-2006

Overall we had a very busy and successful year. The Executive Committee took office mid-September and started with a brainstorming session at my home. We decided on a calendar of events and were pretty successful on executing each event.

Year of Events:

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Our first meeting was held for this fiscal year. We had a good attendance. The meeting was held at the Bermuda College - South Hall H163.

The AGENDA was as follows:

Introduction of New Executive Officers

Announce the Proposed 'Calendar of Events 2005 –2006’ this was passed with one amendment "date for April meeting changed to April 6th.

We had a one-hour seminar/workshop on 'Protocol for Formal Meetings - Roberts Rules of Order'.
Our speaker was Rev. Maureen Clemendor. She is very knowledgeable about Parliamentary Procedures and gave us an excellent talk followed by role-play. Many members had never had formal training in parliamentary procedures and found the session interesting and helpful.

At the end of the session Rev. Clemendor gave us handouts to assist us with using the parliamentary procedures during our meetings and at any other formal meeting they may attend.

Certificates were awarded to everyone that attended this meeting. (1 CEU for all attendees and 1 recertification point for CAP or CPS holders)

Ms. Yvonne Harrell was our prizewinner and the first member to arrive at the meeting will also received a prize.

Refreshments and networking took place immediately following the meeting.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Education Committee hosted a Forum entitled "Office of the Future." The forum started at 5:30 pm and finished at 6:50 pm. There were 34 people in attendance and everyone was impressed and pleased that they were able to attend.

Sherma Simmons opened the forum with a wonderful welcome. Thelma Hart, CPS - Chairperson and Facilitator for this event gave a brief introduction of the panelist.

Debbie Lewis - Administration Manager at the Bank of Bermuda Human Resources Department.

Carlita O'Brien - Human Resource Manager/Director (Designate), Bermuda Government Human Resources

Terri McDowell - Marketing Manager, Business Services of Bermuda Ltd.

Tina Wilson gave us food for thought as she thanked everyone for attending. She then shared information from a book she had purchased "Skill Paths" see website

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Thanks to Sherrie Outerbridge and her committee members we had a very transcending afternoon on Sunday, December 18, 2005.

As I looked about the room, I felt friendship, joy, peace, and contentment. The warm smiling faces and beautiful surroundings made attending this event worth every penny and minute. I am sorry that everyone could not be there to experience what I felt but I look forward to seeing you all at future social events in 2006.

The Social Committee is looking for your suggestions and participation. Please fill in the Questionnaire supplied in the 1st Quarter newsletter and help us to be the best Chapter possible. Again thank you to Sherrie and to Terry Staple for producing the flyer and tickets.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

The General Membership Meeting was held at Starr Excess International between 5:30 - 7:00 pm

The speaker was Susan Stirling - Marketing Director, BIBA - topic: 'Report Writing.' (.1 CEU and 1 recertification point)

Susan Stirling gave us lots of information on how to write interesting reports and how to adapt your reports to make them useful for other projects.

Handouts were distributed for future reference.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Our Impact Meeting was a success. Congratulations to the Impact Meeting Committee Yvonne Harrell - Chairperson, Dawn Darrell and Tina Basden. Further thanks to the members who assisted them - LoWaynne Woolridge, Dorothy Butterfield, Karlene Lightbourne, Terry Staple, and Sherrie Outerbridge that showed how teamwork can make a big job a little easier. Terry Staple was our photographer that night and we hope to share the pictures from the event... thanks Terry!

It was nice to have our Division President here for the meeting. Thank you Gerry Brunell for coming all the way to Bermuda for one day to meet our members. I also want to mention the two young ladies, Shante Dill and Glennisha DeShields, who modeled for us. Thanks ladies. Head 2 Toe provided some of the clothes, thanks to proprietors Jennifer Burgess and Tina Basden, CAP of Head 2 Toe. Thelma Hart, CPS - Founding President and now Education Chairperson gave some insight into our 2006 Administrative Week of Events.

Everyone who attended the Impact Meeting received $20 off their fee on Administrative Professional Day Educational Conference if paid by April 7th and paid $110 instead of $131 for new membership fee until the end of March. (1 recertification point was offered)

February is Education Month; therefore I thought it would be good to organize Lunch-n-Learn sessions every Tuesday during that month.

The lunch-n-learn seminars offered CEU and Recertification points and were held at BPSU from 1 - 2 p.m. on the following dates:

February 15: Who needs to be Perfect?
February 22: The Unwritten Rules of the Office Game!
February 28: Every Working Woman Needs a Wife!

Participants had to attend all 3 seminars to receive their certificate.

Member holding a CPS/CAP designation were given recertification points.

In March, following the sample of past president Melody Parris, we sent out sponsorship letters to approximately 25 corporations to sponsor us in putting on our programs. Once again IPCRe assisted our call and selected the silver sponsorship that cost $1,000. For this sponsorship they received 1 membership, 1 breakfast for APW, 1 registration for APD and a Bermuda Chapter membership pin. Thank you IPCRe for your continued support of our chapter.

Due to lack of quorum April’s meeting was postponed until May.

April 23 – 29, 2006 we celebrated Administrative Professionals Week.

Starting with our Annual Admin Breakfast at La Coquille. Our Speaker was Ms Deborah Middleton – CEO, Bermuda International Business Association. She gave us lots of advice and food for thought. After the lovely breakfast, we gave away goodie bags and all attendees were invited to join us in the lobby for a Mini Office Expo. Everyone enjoyed their morning of information and networking.

On Wednesday we had a full day event at the BUEI. Starting with Martha Myron who spoke to us about “Marketing Yourself Smarter.” The next speaker Mellonie Furbert generated a lot of questions on her topic “Creating Excellence through Good Nutrition.” She spoke about eating the right foods and how food works in our bodies. The final speaker for the morning sessions was Anthony Foster who kept us on our toes and challenging us to be in the top 10 Administrative Professionals in Bermuda.

We had a delightful buffet lunch overlooking the harbour downstairs at La Coquille. I spoke with many of the participants and they were very pleased with the program thus far.

The afternoon we toned in for the TLC interactive Teleconference Administrative Professionals Briefing, “Fast Forward: Managing Change and Creating Opportunities for Success.” Keynote Speaker, Stephen Covey advised us to become “Trim Tabs” in our organizations. A Trim Tab is the small rudder on a large ship. Our International speaker spoke about “The State of the Administrative Profession”, Where do we go from here?, The direction of the profession in the future, and “Becoming a Remarkably Different Administrative Professional” by Jackie Freiberg. Her aim was to invoke us to become more passionate about our career.

Friday evening we closed out the week with a reception at Café Re, Wellesley Place, Pitts Bay Road.

Thanks to the Educational Committee who started working on this event from January. Also thanks to other committees/members that joined us in March to complete the program. It could not have been so successful without everyone’s assistance.

Thursday, May 11, we held our final Members Meeting for the year 2005 – 2006. The meeting was held and BPSU beginning at 12 with lunch and a videotape on communications and body language. They tape was longer than expected therefore we will continue the tape at a later date. Everyone in attendance found the tape very interesting.

Saturday, June 3 was our Scavenger Hunt. This was a great social event were both family and members could get together and relax. Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed themselves so much that they wanted to plan the next one. I hope that the new Executive will have more social events during the next fiscal year.

Beginning June 12 – July 14, 2006 we are holding a “Melt Down” fundraiser to assist students with expenses for academic supplies or tutoring. This a very noble fundraiser I would encourage anyone that has not signed up to still contact Sherrie Outerbridge or Terry Staple to investigate joining in. I was weighed by my physician and will be weighed again on July 12th. Remember the final weigh-in will take place at BPSU on July 14th at Lunchtime. Come and show your support.

There is a new members orientation event being held on July 8th. All new members from January 2005 to June 2006 will be invited to attend. There will be a presentation and discussion on the benefits of membership, how the organisation works, whom to contact for what, etc. After the presentation we will have a barbeque.

Avery Dennison has a competition every year for all chapters in the US. Although we are not in the US we are part of the Greater New England Division therefore I put our chapter forward to participate. While we cannot win, we do receive a consolation prize for participating. I have selected the Patio Paver Engraved with our Chapter Name. The funds raised will be used to improve (the IAAP retirement center) the world’s only retirement center for administrative professionals/secretaries.

This year we planned to start a new Mentoring programme that would link with our student chapter. Our goal is to mentor students to be well equipped as they enter the work force with, not only the skills, but also the proper attitude and grooming so that they stand out from other students entering the work force.

We have been working with Cedarbridge to have a work release programme that will have students come and sit with us once a week in the afternoon so that we can give them some experience as well as tips on what is expected from a full-time worker. Tina put together Mentoring Policies and Procedures guidelines for the HR Departments and Cedarbridge Councilors to review and agree.

Hopefully we will be able to commence this programme in September 2006.

During this year I have also produced two newsletters and a questionnaire. I am about to prepare the third and final addition for 2005 –2006. I hope that everyone was able to read the information and found it informative.

I also updated the website as often as I possible so that members and others can always see what is happening in our chapter on a regular basis.

In conclusion, I wish to thank all the members who supported me during my presidency. There is no “I” in TEAM. For each event we had a team, even though we could have used more assistance. We worked hard as a TEAM. Thank you TEAM!

This association means a lot to me and my hope is that it will become more valued by firstly our members, our local businesses society and others in our profession. We’ve been in Bermuda for 11 years and counting. Lets keep our organisation alive and well.


Respectfully submitted by:

Patty-Ann Flood
President 2005 -2006